The Global Enterprise Authentication Practices

Learn the global enterprise authentication practices in this Yubico survey research in partnership with Censuswide 


The State of Global Enterprise Authentication Survey captured the authentication practices of 16,000 employees at companies around the globe, including entry-level employees and business owners working at organisations ranging in size from one to 2,000+ employees in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, the UK, France, Germany, and Sweden. 

The survey shows most people log into several applications or accounts daily, and the reason of being unable to authenticate is due to lost or stolen device, which hinders in accomplishing anything, with singlefactor authentication posing the largest liability and the wrong form of MFA also comes with liabilities.

Enterprises can reduce risk and improve compliance by embracing phishing-resistant MFA like YubiKeys—the key to strong, reliable cybersecurity, enabling a single device to work across hundreds of enterprise and consumer applications and services. 

This report reveals where authentication practices still need improvement—helping organisations understand the hows and whys or modern MFA.

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