Whitepaper: IDC Vendor Spotlight on Workload Automation

How workload management automation promotes business speed, scale and growth

IDC Vendor Spotlight on Workload Automation

Workload management automation solutions support business growth and accelerated demand by enabling rapid, scalable, and efficient execution of business processes to keep up with increasing demands.

The trends in workload management automation include ease-of-use features to automate complex scheduling processes and workflows, increased transaction volumes driven by applications business growth, and supporting applications and business processes to span in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

On the vendor spotlight, Hitachi JP1 is the top workload management software in 2019, with a growing footprint in China and a large installed base in APAC, and new features and expanded capabilities in the JP1 V12 releases.

This whitepaper highlights the benefits, trends, and vendor challenges in workload management automation, helping you land a smart decision when choosing the right solution to meet and efficiently handle your enterprise workloads.


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