eBook: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

A new, proven approach to vulnerability identification and management helps reduce risks for some of the world’s leading organizations.

Traditional scanning methods lack the content and context needed to reduce risk and enable rapid response to imminent threats.

The ‘scan and patch’ approach used by many organizations simply doesn’t work anymore – security teams need technology that sees beyond generic severity scores and allows them to remediate their most exposed vulnerabilities first.

The eBook offers a new proven approach to vulnerability identification and management. Download to learn how Skybox is reducing risk of attack within some of the world’s largest organizations by:

  • Simulating attacks to determine vulnerability exposure within networks
  • Building a comprehensive, current and centralized repository of vulnerability occurrences accessible on-demand, encompassing vulnerabilities from on-prem, multi-cloud and OT networks
  • Correlating occurrences with asset importance and available/active exploits
  • Sharing best response options, including patches, IPS signatures and recommendations for configuration or access changes

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