FAQ for CybersecAsia Awards digital event

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you out!

1. What are the benefits of sponsoring for this event?
  • it can increase brand loyalty of our CybersecAsia subscribers
  • it can strengthen, or differentiate, your existing brand image and messaging through our publications’ platforms.
  • it can create company or product awareness, and maximize visibility with the right qualified audience for your brand
  • it can be a unique way to celebrate your company’s successes and inspire your employees through this digital award event, especially we take in consideration of the Coronavirus situation for this year.
  • It can also have a very real effect on your bottom line. Award sponsorship can help drive more targeted traffic and an increase in lead conversion through Thinklogic.
2. How are the award categories crafted for this digital event?

Award categories are researched by the editorial team of CybersecAsia, and based on our interactions with analysts, industry watchers, vendors and end-user organizations familiar with the Asia Pacific market.

3. How many awards are there for this event?

There are a total of 17 award categories. Please click here for the full list of categories.

4. What are the type of sponsorship level available for this digital event?
  • Finalist (Non-sponsored) X take it out
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Reach out to us for more details pertaining to each level of sponsorship by clicking here.

5. What are the other activities that CybersecAsia conduct beyond than award sponsorship?
  • CybersecAsia is a leading enterprise cybersecurity information portal which covers 10 English speaking countries across APAC. With a first party opt in readership database of more than 60,000 organization subscribed to CybersecAsia, there are numerous opportunities for your marketing initiatives such as advertising and demand generation activities to be conducted on our CybersecAsia platform.
  • Speak to us today to receive a carefully crafted recommendation for your marketing objectives.
6. How is the judging committee formed for the CybersecAsia Awards?

We invite cybersecurity experts and practitioners who are leaders in the field, including our panel of advisers and regional C-level readers of CybersecAsia.

7. Do I need to pay for any nomination submitted?

There are no fees required for any nomination submitted.

8. Where do I submit the nomination form?
  •  All nomination submissions are to be send via this link.
  •  A maximum of 3 submissions are allowed for the same company, irrespective of representatives.
9. How would I know if my nomination form has been accepted?

You will be notified with a confirmation email by Thinklogic’s Tech team whom will review every nomination form submitted.

10. When is the date for the announcement of all the finalists?

29th September 2020, 12pm

11. Since it is a digital event, do I get any physical memorandum as a winner of a respective category?

All winner of respective category will receive a frame certificate, mailed directly within two months from winner’s announcement. Thinklogic will get in touch to verify mailing address and other details before mailing.

12. What is the eligibility of nomination for CybersecAsia awards?

The nominee must be a provider of cybersecurity solutions and/or services in the Asia Pacific region with an established customer base.

13. If our company is a finalist for the respective category but I am not a sponsor, what are the base incentives that we will receive?

You will receive the following branding exercise if you are nominated as a finalist

  • Social media shoutout
  • Vendor shoutout on CybersecAsia Homepage
  • Visible positioning of your logo on all award’s promotional materials (Including post event report)
  • Visible positioning of your logo on CybersecAsia award portal
14. If I sponsor this event at the 18K USD diamond sponsorship level, would our organisation be likely to be a guaranteed finalist or winner in that respective category

In order to ensure credibility and integrity, our readership and judges will adopt a fair approach of scoring/voting for each nomination in the various category. However if you sponsor the event at any level, it will heighten the exposure of award marketing for your brand, a higher recall, awareness and chance of winning for your organisation.

15. If my organization wins a respective category but we did not sponsor this event at any level, are we allowed to use the event logo for internal marketing purposes?

Thinklogic certainly welcomes the promotional activities of your organization winning a respective category for this awards event. While you receive a FREE framed certificate to display in your office premises, and are free to announce your win via media releases, however, there will be a charge of 3K USD for the perpetual right of usage of the logo on any platforms (this includes the integrated Awards logo, year of award, award category and your company name). Please note that as a winner, you will definitely be entitled to the following incentives:

  • Social media shoutout
  • Vendor shoutout on CybersecAsia Homepage
  • Visible positioning of your logo on all awards promotional materials (Including post event report)
  • Visible positioning of your logo on CybersecAsia award portal
16. If I would like to sponsor this event, who should I get in touch with?

Please drop us an email or click on this link to submit an enquiry form and we will get back to you asap.

Dexter Low
Regional Business Development Director
+65 9178 7551

Rein Decina
Managing Director, Thinklogic
+65 6715 8453

Victor Ng
Editor In Chief, CybersecAsia & DigiconAsia
+65 9655 3730